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Mastermind Groups for Leaders: How to Find the Right Fit for You

Written by Dan Grisoni

You know that great results don’t come overnight—they come with time and hard work. You’re committed to your career. You’ve invested countless hours and dollars into leadership and self-improvement programs. And yet you’re still not achieving as highly as you would like.

It’s time to try something different.

Mastermind Groups aren’t like other group coaching experiences or leadership seminars, and they offer more than networking or mentorship groups. Mastermind Group are specifically structured to give experienced professionals, managers, and executives the boost they need to get ahead.

What Can You Expect When Joining A Mastermind Group?

Instead of relying on a single coach or mentor to help foster growth, Mastermind Groups leverage peer-to-peer connections and education. Members of a Mastermind Group support each other and provide accountability as they each strive to accomplish their individual goals. The group provides a collective forum for brainstorming, decision-making, and problem-solving. You’ll start by deciding on a goal and then develop a plan to reach that goal. You will also serve as a sounding board to your fellow members as they conceptualize and work toward their own goals. Because feedback and brainstorming are performed in a small group setting, each member of the Mastermind Group receives individual attention to help nurture their ideas and reach their goals.

Participation in a Mastermind Group is a commitment. You will be expected to consistently attend meetings on a weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly basis, either in person or virtually. You also have to be comfortable both giving and receiving honest feedback. Criticism or challenges should be conveyed respectfully and compassionately with the aim of helping other members grow and refine their ideas so they can achieve their goals. As members discuss potentially sensitive information about their organizations or brands, confidentiality is crucial.

Mastermind Groups are led by facilitators who help guide the conversation and support members as they work toward their goals. The facilitator will develop an agenda for each meeting and direct the conversation so that all meeting items are discussed during the allotted time for the meeting. They are also responsible for making sure that all conversations are balanced and go into sufficient depth.

What Kinds Of Mastermind Groups Are There?

What Kinds Of Mastermind Groups Are There

Mastermind Groups can be classified either by the types of people they bring together or the format they are presented in. Some Mastermind Groups focus on certain industries. Since all of the members have an understanding of the types of challenges and resources common in that industry, they are better suited to help you brainstorm creative, feasible ideas and solve problems. Even more specifically, some Mastermind Groups bring together members of the same occupation, making the feedback even more specific.

There are Mastermind Groups designed specifically for small-business owners and entrepreneurs, who will have different challenges than a manager at a traditional large corporation. Similarly, CEOs and executives will have different goals than salespeople. At the same time, mixing and strategizing with professionals in other industries or positions can provide a unique perspective and lead to breakthroughs that might not otherwise be reached.

Mastermind Groups can be held either online or in person. Online groups are often more convenient and bring together members from across the country. Even if they work in similar industries or hold similar positions, this can be another way to bring together diverse perspectives and foster creative decision-making. In-person groups are more limited in the members who can participate, but those members have more chances to establish lasting relationships and continue working together after the initial Mastermind Group stops meeting.

How Can A Mastermind Group Help Me As A Leader?

How Can A Mastermind Group Help Me As A Leader

It is one thing to aspire to achieve more in your career. To actually succeed, you need to set concrete goals. A Mastermind Group is specifically designed to aid members with setting goals and following through on those goals. It provides the structure, consistency, and accountability needed to support the achievement of long-term goals. If you are in a Mastermind Group with other executives and higher-level managers, they will understand the unique challenges of trying to advance through those upper-level roles. While some of your junior colleagues may be reticent about offering you constructive criticism, a Mastermind Group comprised of your peers is set up to provide honest feedback.

Successful management calls for excellent interpersonal communication. Mastermind Groups rely heavily on person-to-person interaction and can help you develop your people skills. They can also help you improve your capacity to lead and manage with empathy. Mastermind Groups develop not only critical thinking skills but emotional intelligence. Research done at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that meeting in large groups regularly helps improve the ability to read others’ emotions and increases patience when interacting with others. Helping your fellow group members refine their goals and solve their problems is excellent practice for leading your team at your job.

How Do I Find A Mastermind Group?

How To Find A Mastermind Group

If you are interested in joining a Mastermind Group, start by reaching out to your already existing network of contacts. Is there a colleague or member of your professional circle who you particularly admire or aspire to emulate? See if they know of any Mastermind Groups that they could recommend to you. If you are a member of a local chapter of a professional association or trade group, contact their offices. They may run Mastermind Groups that they do not advertise or be aware of other members who facilitate their own Mastermind Groups.

You may also choose to look online for a virtual Mastermind Group. If you have very successful connections on LinkedIn, start by messaging them and asking if they know of any Mastermind groups. If that is unsuccessful, you can always turn to Google. As previously mentioned, there are several different types of Mastermind Groups. Talking to your in-person connections may limit your options. An internet search can allow you to look for a Mastermind Group that meets your exact needs—one that serves your industry, level, or geographic area.

What Makes The Propel Higher Mastermind Group Different?

Our Propel Higher Mastermind Group is designed to offer the competitive edge you need to take your leadership to the next level. In our group we focus on helping you develop your emotional intelligence so you can be an effective guide to your team. The Propel Higher Mastermind Group is for you and your fellow leaders to set actionable goals and follow through on them. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and months of your life on self-improvement and professional development courses, the Propel Higher Mastermind Group asks for no more than 2 hours, once a week, for 5 weekly sessions. Each group hosts no more than 12 participants, so each member gets the personalized attention they need to reach their goals.

Interested in the Propel Higher Mastermind Group? Book a call today to see if the program may be right for you.

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