Why Hire A Personal Coach

Feb 10, 2022 | Executive Coaching, Leadership

Why Hire A Personal Coach?

Written by Dan Grisoni

They say there are two types of people out there; those who find help when they need it and those who don’t. The simple fact is, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Everyone has moments when they don’t see things as clearly as they need to, and they can’t tell right from left, night from day, or stop from go.

It’s in these moments that people are separated by their willingness, or lack thereof, to find someone to walk beside them and provide them with the help they need. It’s in these moments when a personal development coach becomes the difference between feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and alone or overcoming a challenge with clarity and resiliency.

Coaching for personal development is vital for those looking to deepen and evolve their career or business, make changes in their life, or reach their goals. Through personal coaching, your self-awareness grows as you focus on understanding the challenges you face. Personal coaching helps you propel higher with your personal, professional, and relationship goals.

What Does a Personal Coach Do?

What Does a Personal Coach Do

Personal coaches follow a process. They seek to view and understand your current state and assumptions, help you set realistic goals, guide you through creating a doable action plan, and support you at every step along the way as you follow that plan.

A personal coach does not outright tell you what to do but instead helps you understand yourself and your current path, offering guidance and customized support. Using purposeful, impactful, and challenging questions, coaches help you create a plan for reaching your goals and developing yourself.

Their focused, intentional work with you will help you gain the mindset that you need to make changes and grow towards your betterment, happiness, and success.

To offer the most effective coaching, a personal coach helps by using multiple tools, including:

  • Asking powerful, open-ended questions that draw out thoughtful responses
  • Providing accountability to set measurements and goal deadlines
  • Helping you focus on your current life and the changes you want to make
  • Helping you identify and challenge your current mindset
  • Guiding you and offering support as you make hard choices
  • Helping you develop a customized plan to reach your goals and make changes
  • Offering personal development assessment tools, such as the EQ-i Leadership Inventory Profile, or the Myers-Briggs assessments

Your personal coach will be like a partner on your journey, guiding and encouraging you to take the steps you need to take.

Why Do I Need a Personal Coach?

Why Do I Need a Personal Coach

Often, people aren’t quite sure if they need a personal development coach. They feel like they could use the help and guidance, but they don’t know if getting a coach would be right for them.

It’s easy to think that your concerns and issues aren’t the right types for a personal coach. However, personal coaches cover many different areas. Whatever your needs are, there’s a good chance that a personal coach can help.

While each coach has their own specialties, most personal coaches help with building confidence, managing emotions, advancing careers, and understanding the self. If your issues fall into any of those categories then hiring a personal coach would likely benefit you.

Personal coaches can also help people who want to set goals, develop leadership skills, increase their communication skills, reduce workload stress, and find joy in their life!

When you work with the right coach you’ll understand yourself better in order to make essential changes. You’ll be able to take intentional action towards your goals and easily solve problems, leading to a smooth path and ensuring effective steps.

How Do You Find The Right Personal Coach for You?

How Do You Find The Right Personal Coach for You

Most personal coaches begin with a complimentary discovery call, where you can assess whether the coach is the right fit for you. It’s important to have a genuine connection with your coach, and in fact, studies show that the quality of the relationship between coach and coachee is more important than even technique or tools that the coach uses to get results.

The coach-client relationship is a sacred one. Your confidential information must be handled with care, and boundaries should never be crossed in order for the coaching process to work effectively. Trust is essential.

In addition to having a connection with your personal coach, it’s important to assess their credibility. Look for ICF credentialled coaches, who have met the highest standards for coaching accreditation through this globally recognized coach education organization.

ICF credentialled coaches pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide unquestioned legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching, so you can be sure you will achieve the results you are looking for.

In Conclusion

Through the personal coaching process, you will gain the awareness and the tools that you need to grow personally and professionally. Your personal coach will help you understand yourself in order to improve your skills and positive behaviors while minimizing your barriers and challenges.

Reaching your goals in business, health, communication, confidence, finances, and relationships can seem far beyond reach. But hiring a personal coach is the best first step towards seeing a clear pathway that leads you straight to these goals.

Isn’t it time you got started? If you would like to get the ball rolling, I invite you to book a call with me here to discuss how personal coaching can help you propel higher.

About Dan Grisoni

Dan Grisoni is a sought-after high performance coach and trainer. For over 20 years Dan has been helping managers and leaders become influential and inspiring so that they can live, matter, and thrive, 365.

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